I love animals. I hope that you do too. Please help save animals at the shelter. You can help by adopting, volunteering, donating cash, or offerings found at their wish-lists. If you can afford to help, please do. Plant good seeds, and reaps the joy and happiness in your lifetime through helping others. Share your good deeds in the act of giving.

People often asked “Where is God?” I would say that God is within you -in your heart. Often people say that God does miracles – so can you. If you offer your heart by helping other living beings, you do miracles too.

Charity Drive

PawsDo donate directly at Paws or the SPCA. Check out their website.

Practice The Golden Rule

MetaPhysics Systems Zi Wei Dou Shu 紫微斗数 – YouTube Channel

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    […] have added a ‘Donations‘ link. This is not to donate to me, but to a good […]


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