Service Exchange


We would encourage you to learn, and attend our training programs.

Why? By attending our training programs, you will learn a new knowledge, and achieve extra-ordinary skills that is invaluable for a life-time. With further practice, you can assist yourself, your family and friends (or as a side business, retirement freelancing, etc) to a better future and success, and to alter negative outcomes. In fact, most learners attend courses for self-improvement, life-long learning, and probably as a hobby.

If you are unsure what Si Hua Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology) is about, do download our app book @ the Google Play Store, or @ the iTunes App Store for more information, and to learn the basics.

What we offer:

  • One-to-one coaching (worldwide);
  • Group training (if you have six or more learners);
  • Feng Shui consultation for residence, office, or business (worldwide).

***** Your information is kept private and confidential. This service is based on available time, and we prefer for you to learn the art and science of Si Hua Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu, rather than a personal consultation session.