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Hello to all my readers, and friends. Thank you for your continuous support of this web site, and sharing the knowledge of Zi Wei Dou Shu. Thank you to those whom have downloaded our 1st e-book “Winning Destiny with Zi Wei Dou Shu” at the app stores.

People often ask ‘why’ about their life destiny. Some people do not agree in giving, but to take from others. Some asked about the Karma Palace, or the Happiness Palace in ZWDS. Some asked about fate, and how it happened. Well.. the truth is unknown. However, I believe that from a humanistic point of view, it is with our opportunities to do good, and to give while we can in this lifetime. We can make a difference to the unfortunate living beings. Share the love, joy and happiness by giving.

giving to charity

I have added a ‘Donations‘ link. This is not to donate to me, but to a good cause.

I would be happy to know that you would support the lives of all living beings. This is our charity drive to help reduce animal cruelty. I hope you agree too.

This is only a small part of life events that we can do to better our lives -which ultimately brings joy and happiness over the course of our lives now. Over our lifetime, our reflections of past actions will either bring us joy or regrets. I hope that you would join me to support the charity of giving, and/or to give to any charitable organizations of your choice (volunteering, donating cash, etc). Give without asking any thing in return. Allow the Universe to bless your kind soul, and with its own time.

Your kind action is needed to help abused animals, and to do miracles by offering a living being a better life. Support if you can. Thank you, and may the ‘light’ in your kind heart be our guiding path to salvation. Together, we can make miracles. Please share and support.

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Can Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) predict marriage?

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Romance and Marriage in Zi Wei Dou Shu ZWDS

The common question here is whether ZWDS can predict marriage? The simple answer is ‘YES’.

Let’s discuss this a little further. Marriage is a union of two people, for example. It does not entail any cultural or custom that defines marriage. From a Zi Wei Dou Shu perspective, it does not differentiate between a romance, a relationship, or a marriage. This is largely true since, in the current era, many people live together, without a marriage ceremony or celebration, but are married (and not necessary in paper).

Therefore, from a ZWDS perspective, we can identify if romance or relationship is coming to an individual’s destiny chart. We do not, however, conclude that it is a legal marriage, or marriage with a ceremony. Most people would think that a marriage must be legalized (as in the Legal Registry of their home country- for legal purposes), or that a marriage ceremony or celebration was carried out with family or friends. Not so in ZWDS. In ZWDS, when two people are together for a specific amount of time, it is considered a marriage. Therefore, marriage, romance, and relationships are viewed as one word – union (- the union of two souls). The Universe brings two souls in similar vibration frequency to consummate an union. The Universe does not recognize a ‘man-made’ legal marriage or ceremonies.

In ZWDS, when a union (romance) is seen coming in specific years, it can be further analyzed if it is a good union or a problematic union. A good or a bad union (or if you wish to call it a marriage) can be analyzed in the ZWDS destiny chart. Good or bad, it is your destiny to experience.

To take it one step further, it depends if it is the Hua Lu Catalyst or the Hua Ji Catalyst that is revealed in a person’s ZWDS destiny chart. That is why it is a smart move to review your ZWDS chart before marriage. However, most people don’t since during the infatuation stage, love is blind. If it ended in a separation or a divorce after, it is a likelihood that the Universe has made the two souls to experience it in this lifetime. Others may call it a karmic influence, but your ZWDS chart does reveal this if you know.

Romance can be analyzed with the Spouse Palace, Health Palace, and Friends Palace. Do check out the other posts here about the Spouse Palace, and the Problematic Spouse Palace.

Finally, in layman’s term, Yes, ZWDS can predict marriage, or should I say, an Union.

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