Wu Qu Wealth Star

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Wu Qu Star in Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology)

Wu Qu Zi Wei Dou Shu Stars

The most frequently liked Star in Zi Wei Dou Shu, Wu Qu is in the Northern group of stars, and is related to finance, money, precious metal.

Pros: Leadership ability, Wealth

Cons: Solitary, Mercenary

Element: Yin Metal


Life/Self Palace: If Wu Qu resides in the Life/Self Palace, the individual can be considered as a mercenary. As Lian Zhen sits in the Wealth Palace, the individual constantly pursue of money,  wealth, and/or speculative investments. This also entails gathering money in whatever means, whether appropriate or not. The native, however, can be lonely (esp. female) unless paired with another star in the Life/Self Palace. Pairing with a stable star (such as Tian Xiang)  is more calm and positive than pairing with an aggressive star such as Tan Lang- thus highly materialistic.

Wealth Palace: Wu Qu is best found in the Wealth Palace with Hua Lu. In this formation, the Wealth Palace, Wu Qu Star and Hua Lu Catalyst forms the trio, and Zi Wei Star is at the Life/Self Palace. This formation is usually found with high profile business people, high executive CEO ranks position, where enormous amount of money can be earned.

Career Palace: Wu Qu in the Career Palace denotes working in the field of finance, investments, banking, or precious metal tradings. Wu Qu in Career is not as auspicious as in the Wealth Palace, but is better than most other stars since Wu Qu is a finance star- working in a related finance Career brings good fortune.

If Wu Qu meets Tian Fu or Tian Xiang, the native can gather vast amount of wealth, and is highly fortunate. If Wu Qu meets Tan Lang, it is highly mercenary. However, they are better off at a later age.

If Wu Qu Star meets Po Jun, or Qi Sha, it relates to events such as a ‘roller-coaster’ (high and low) in gathering wealth, investing into a business, investments, re-investments, and/or ‘money comes and money goes’. However, further judgement can be analyzed after consulting the entire life chart to determine events, both positive and negative. If Wu Qu meets Qi Sha, windfall money or a sudden pour of money is possible.

Wu Qu Star does transform, it is susceptible to all Catalysts (transformation) such as Hua Lu, Hua Quan, Hua Ke, and Hua Ji, plus a ‘clash’ depending on the format of the destiny chart. Therefore, the Ten-Years (Decade) Luck needs to be analyzed to form positive, or negative events.

If your Wealth Palace is not strong as shown in your Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Destiny Chart, find where is the Wu Qu Star. This allows you a second chance to gather wealth, and money if you know how. Wu Qu is one of the Wealth Star, and its placement is important in analyzing money potential, when and how.

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Tian Fu Star

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Tian Fu Star in Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology)

Tian Fu Star Zi Wei Dou Shu Stars

The Tian Fu Star is the leader of the Southern group of stars, and is related to the Vault and Storage.

Pros: Leadership ability, Wealth, Fortune, Prosperity

Cons: May transformed into an empty vault; An empty Wealth Palace if found in Life Palace

Element: Yang Earth


Life/Self Palace: If Tian Fu is accompanied by another leader stars, such as Zi Wei, or Wu Qu. With the pairings of stars, these individuals are fortunate in wealth generation, and are common among high profile business people or multi-millionaires. If Tian Fu resides alone in the Life Palace, the individual will need to work harder for their money, due to an Empty Wealth Palace. They may lack financial luck, and make bad investment decisions from time-to-time.

Tian Fu is a fortunate star in Zi Wei Dou Shu, and is not affected by any Catalysts. Tian Fu native is usually conservative, and they can be calculative (or sometimes miserly due to the ‘storage’ characteristic, or being ‘self-guarding’). However, generally, Tian Fu native is usually fortunate in life endeavors.

Wealth Palace: Tian Fu residing in the Wealth Palace is usually good, and best to be paired with Wu Qu (resulting in the vault being filled with gold, and abundance). However, if Tian Fu is alone, the native is highly likely conservative in investments, capable of savings from income earned -slowly but surely. As such, this format may not be suitable for a business native because in here, money is earned and saved in storage.

Career Palace: In the Career Palace, Tian Fu is suitable in a stable and conservative role/position, such as in a financial institution. They can hold onto leadership or supervisory positions, thereby earning a higher income.

Tian Fu is often auspicious if found in any of the twelve palaces, but the Friends Palace. This does not mean that the Friends are ‘bad’, it simply could indicate that Friends (or the Social Network) are usually more successful than the native him/herself.

Tian Fu is highly auspicious in the Property Palace. This signifies abundance, assets, and prosperity. It is best to meet Wu Qu where enormous wealth can be achieved.

Since Tian Fu Star does not transform, it is susceptible to a ‘clash’ depending on the format of the destiny chart. Therefore, the Ten-Years (Decade) Luck needs to be analyzed to form positive, or negative events.

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